WhatsApp now allows you to change photo upload quality. This is how this function works

WhatsApp has been quite active in the last few days and has introduced new features from time to time. The company recently rolled out features like communities and in-chat polls. The company now also allows groups with 1024 users. Apart from that, people can add 32 users in a group video call.

Speaking of which, the company has now come up with a new feature. Popular messaging app WhatsApp has now added its own “Photo Upload Quality” section in the app’s settings. This new feature allows users to send the best quality photos to their contacts. Aside from that, there’s also an additional “data saver option,” which essentially means the app sends a compressed photo and uses less data. Sending a poor quality photo doesn’t use up much of your data plan.

While the third option called “Auto” allows the app to decide whether to send the best quality images or select them to send to the data saver option.

According to WhatsApp, “best quality” photos are larger and take longer to send than usual. Well, if they don’t want to sacrifice quality, users can always upload files to Google Drive to email high-resolution photos.

The messaging app settings panel contains a link to this feature. To reach the settings option, just open WhatsApp, touch the three dots icon and then touch Storage & Data again. The photo upload quality feature is here at the bottom of the screen. By default, the Automatic (preferred) option is selected.

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