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You have to try Thousands of WhatsApp users after being told of the existence of a. have experienced trick that would trend in social networksbecause you can review all messages, private or group, without the application Instant messaging. That is, thanks to this method, the time of your last connection will not change. Would you like to learn? Here we show you.

Unlike other WhatsApp tricks that abound on social networks, this one doesn’t require you to install weird apps on your smartphone. However, it can only be used by those who own a smartphone that uses the Android operating system. If you don’t have an a. own iPhone or iPad, you cannot put it into practice.

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How can you read your WhatsApp messages without opening the app?

1. Enter the display settings from your Android phone.

2. There are many ways to do this; Depending on the cell phone, this can be done by squeezing the screen or pressing it for a few seconds.

3. The option will be displayed Widgets; You have to enter to see everything that is available to you.

4. You will see the widgets available on your phone. There will be Gmail, Google Drive, Chrome, among others, that you have installed on your Android.

5. You should look for WhatsApp’s widgets (in the form of a chat) and drop them on the phone screen (preferably blank).

6. When the widget is added to your smartphone screen, you can enlarge it to see more messages.

That’s all. All WhatsApp messages that your contacts send you can be seen in this small window. It’s worth noting that you won’t be able to view photos or videos. There you need to open the messaging app.

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WhatsApp tricks

Recover an accidentally deleted conversation

If for any reason you a. have deleted conversation from WhatsApp with photos Yes Videos very important then you need to know that there is a very simple trick that you can use to restore them. Next, we’ll show you how.

the trick Secret that few know only works when the WhatsApp user is one Backup from application Instant messaging. If you meet this requirement, please feel free to check Video for more details.

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How do you hide the ‘online’?

Believe it or not, there is one trick WhatsApp Secret Few Users Know That You Can Use The ‘on-line‘ and the ‘To write‘to the friends you have as contacts in the instant messaging application.

If you want to know that fantastic trick Secret of WhatsApp with which you ‘invisible‘, feel free to check the following Videothat quickly became a trend on social networks, especially in Youtube.

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Bold, italic and underlined

Few WhatsApp users know that the application It allows you to bold, italic and underline certain texts to emphasize these messages and let the other person know they are important.

It should be noted that this function is available to all WhatsApp users, not just those of Android, but also for those of iPhone. If you want to know how to make bold, italic, or underline, check out the following Video.

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How do I add music to your status?

WhatsApp is a application Instant messaging used for sharing photos, Videos the acting Video calls. But that’s not all, it also has a “Status” section that users can post messages to for 24 hours.

Thanks to a ‘trick’ shared by a user of Youtube, we will be able to place ours in the states of WhatsApp Songs Favorites. If you want to know how to do it, don’t hesitate to watch the video below, which is all the rage on the networks.

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